Advance ruling in GST Procedure and Application

Advance ruling in GST

What is Advance ruling in GST? The Advance ruling in GST is a composed elucidation of tax laws. It is issued by tax experts to organizations and people who ask for illumination of certain duty matters. Advance ruling is frequently asked for when the citizen is confounded and questionable about specific arrangements. Advance tax ruling is applicable for, before beginning the proposed procedure. For instance, under income tax, advance ruling is accessible in international tax collection. This is to help non-occupants find out the wage impose obligation, design their salary…

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2018 Budget on GST filing ‘GSTmadeeasy’


With an expectation to uphold going on the government’s GST demonstration and to make each Indian SMEs/MSMEs GST pleasant to lead, a highly developed easy to utilize, need of courteous importance GST solution idea “GSTmadeeasy” is destined to be launched, as soon as end-to-end business situation solutions for MSMEs/small traders to counsel digitizing requirements mandated under the supplement GST regime and administration. GST filing with ‘GSTmadeeasy’ CAIT (Central Administration of Information Technology) has said that GST is a technology driven tax collection system which requires compulsory consistence through computerized technology…

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Section 45 of the Income Tax Act-Capital Gains

Section 45

Section 45(1) of the Income Tax Act Any profits or gains deriving from the transfer of a capital asset effected in the previous year shall; save as otherwise provided in section 54, 54B, 54D, 54EA, 54EB, 54E, 54F, 54G and 54H; be chargeable to income tax under the head “Capital Gains”; shall be assumed to be the income of the PY in which the transfer took place.Section 45 Section 45 of the Income Tax Act-Capital Gains Section 45(1A) of the Income Tax Act Notwithstanding anything included in sub-section (1); where…

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GST Calendar 2018: Important GST Due Dates for Filing Returns

GST Due Dates

Since the GST has come out, there has been lots of understanding taking places and also the registration for the taxpayer. Filing the returns with the government in the given date is highly essential for every businessman to avoid any kind of penalty or high-payment. Although, government has offered various relaxation for the taxpayer for the filing of GST returns GST Due Dates. Important GST Due Dates for Filing Returns A GST calendar will guide every individual to aware when to file the return of GST on which particular date.…

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Cancellation of GST registration – Complete Explanation

GST registration

With the new Tax regime, every taxpayer is necessary to register themselves under existing law. However, now the threshold limit has for registration been increased to Rs. 20 lakhs. People who are below the category of this limit can apply for cancellation of registration or can be cancelled by correct officer. The article is to discuss in detail about the cancellation of GST Registration such as conditions, procedure and so on. Cancellation of GST registration Conditions for cancellation of GST Registration: Cancellation by the registered person: A registered GST individual…

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