GST New Registration || GST Registration Process Guide

GST New Registration

GST (Goods and Service Tax) replaced all the indirect taxes which the state or central government imposed earlier. All the business entities involved in buying or selling goods or providing services or both needs to obtain GST New Registration. Non-registered entities cannot collect GST from a customer or claim input tax credit of GST paid.

GST New Registration

GST New Registration

Businesses carrying out a taxable supply of goods & services under GST regime and whose turnover exceeds the limit of Rs. 20 lakh/ 10 lakh as applicable needs to register as a regular taxable person. This process of registration is known as GST registration.

Conditions for GST Registration

An individual or entity needs to fulfill the following conditions to get GST registration:

  • Entities in particular category states and having an annual turnover of Rs. 10 lakhs & above, and all the other entities in rest of India having an annual turnover of Rs. 20 lakhs and high needs to obtain GST registration. Further, there are also several other conditions that could mandate GST registration in addition to the turnover criteria.
  • Entities undertaking the inter-state supply of goods and services also need to obtain GST registration, irrespective of annual turnover.
  • Businesses which are currently registered under any of the existing indirect tax regimes such as VAT, Excise Laws and Service Tax Laws need to register under GST mandatorily.
  • Entities involving the supply of goods and services through e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. need to register themselves under GST.
  • A casual taxation person who occasionally undertakes supply of goods and services has no fixed place of business such as fireworks shops during Diwali festival time. He also needs to obtain the GST registration.
  • Other entities are input service distributor, agents of a supplier, non-resident taxable persons, etc. They all need to obtain GST registration.

GST registration is important as it enables you to avail various benefits that are available under GST regime. A person liable to take registration under this act shall be liable to take registration within 30 days from the date on which he becomes liable to registration.

GST Registration Process

Here comes the registration process for GST.

  1. Visit the government GST Portal ( and click on registration tab.
  2. Fill in details like PAN, mobile no., email id and state in Part-A of Form GST REG-01.
  3. After the PAN is verified on the GST portal and mobile no. & email ID is verified with OTP; you will receive an application reference number on the registered mobile no. and on email ID.
  4. After that, you need to fill Part-B of Form GST REG-01 and specify the application reference number. After uploading the required documents defined according to the type of business, you can submit the form.
  5. In case the additional information is required, you will be issued Form GST REG-03. Within 7 working days from the date of receipt of Form GST REG-03, you need to respond in Form GST REG-04 with the required information.
  6. The officer may reject your application if the details are not satisfactory, which he will inform you in Form GST REG-05.
  7. If you have presented all the required information through Form GST REG-01 or Form GST REG-04, a certificate of registration in Form GST REG-06 for the principal place of business as well as for any other place of business will be issued to you within 3 days of receipt of Form GST REG-01 or Form GST REG-04.
  8. If a person has multiple business verticals within a state, he can file a separate application for the registration in Form GST REG-01 for each business verticals. And if the officer rejects your application, he will inform you in Form GST REG-05.

Other GST Registration Forms

There are some other GST registration forms for other stakeholders and for GST New Registration.

  • Form GST REG-07: Application for registration as Tax Deductor or Tax Collector at the source.
  • Form GST REG-08: Order of Cancellation of application for registration as Tax Deductor or Tax Collector at the source.
  • Form GST REG-09: Application for registration for Non-Resident Taxable Person.
  • Form GST REG-09A: Application for registration of a person supplying online information and database access or retrieval services from a place outside India to a non-taxable online recipient.
  • Form GST REG-10: Application for extension of the period of operation by Casual Taxable person and Non-Resident Taxable person.
  • Form GST REG-12: Application for allotment of Unique ID to UN organizations or Multilateral Financial Institution or any other class of person as notified by the commissioner.

GST New Registration

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